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This is a template for laying out your own custom Agon islands in Indesign.

This template is based on the layout of my Even Further Islands supplement, which is based on the layout of the Agon book (layout by John Harper, game by John Harper and Sean Nittner). That means 6x9 pages to match the book, rather than 8.5x11 pages for home printing. Feel free to poach assets from this template into your own 8.5x11 document.

Fonts used:

  • Calluna (by Jos Buivenga): available via Adobe fonts.
  • Penumbra Flare Std (by Lance Hidy): available for purchase around the web.

For free font alternatives, you might replace Calluna with Caladea and Penumbra with Cinzel, both from Google fonts.

If you're on Affinity Publisher, a cursory google search tells me you may be able to open the .idml inside this download. If anyone has success with this, I would love to know! Leave me a comment!

For more information about hacking the Paragon system, go to http://agon-rpg.com/.

If you are compelled to give me money because you found this template helpful, feel free to purchase Even Further Islands, but do not feel obligated to do so. This template is free for a reason.

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