A short scenario about returning to your home town and all the horrors that entails.
An asynchronous slice-of-life journaling game about three witches trapped in one body.
The year is 2049. You are a duplicant. Hunt aberrant duplicants. HQ demands it.
A familiar dimension for Slugblaster
A new Blades in the Dark crew type about beating the Spirit Wardens at their own game.
A short larp about unionizing henchfolk
A downtime expansion of character-focused minigames for Blades in the Dark
A high-octane, single session, 3-5 player GM-less, Forged In The Dark, goof of a game about space robbing a space train.
Three additional islands to adventure on for Evil Hat's RPG of Greek heroes
A party of adventurers travel to a distant temple to beg a god for help lifting the curse that's befallen one of them.
A one page starting scenario for campaigns in Doskvol
An Indesign template for custom Agon islands
An essay about playing Blades in the Dark for the "Lessons from the Dark" jam.
A one word rpg inspired by We Are But Worms
Role Playing